We proudly present our Smart Recipes Cookery Book.

Click on the picture to read it and enjoy cooking healthy recipes and adapted to all dietary needs!










This is a recipe book made within the Erasmus+ "Smart Wellness" between IES Blas Infante in Córdoba, Spain and Zakladní Skola Pacov in the Czech Republic along the years 2017-19. It includes mainly healthy choices from our two countries. It also adapts traditional recipes to different dietary options, through what we call "Smart Tip". The adaptations are related to low calorie diets, allergies and intollerances, personal choices as vegan and vegetarian options and religions options such as Halal and Kosher.

We have already printed it and sold mainly within the school community. In the Spanish school, 60 copies have been printed and sold to students and families mostly taking part in the final meeting of May 2019. Families cooked and shared dishes from both countries in the farewell party of the closing meeting in May 2019.

During the meeting, the book has also been used for the Recipes Workshops, where students from both schools in cooperative work, designed posters to advertise virtual restaurants menus which included the recipes in the book.

Many other books have been sold among staff from both schools, who have congratulated the participants in such a big project.