SMART WELLNESS. Healthy Youth through digital technology, science and entrepreneurial culture.





The FEI department from our school IES Blas Infante is in charge of Training, Assessment and Innovation. Among other activities, it fosters project work through key competences. The students’ works are shown in a sort of congress where students show their best activities to develop key competences or where innovative methodologies have been used.

That is why next 4th of June different groups who have taken part in our Erasmus+ project are going to introduce some of the activities they have been working on. These are the groups and activities that are going to take part:


4th Presentation – Antonio Ruiz Murcia’s students 4º C y D Programing with creative computing languages. The SW App (Smart Wellness) from Erasmus+ project.

5th Presentation – Inma Gañán’s students 3º C. Assessing “Smart Wellness” from Erasmus+ project


3th Presentation – Carmen Muñiz’s students PTVAL Showing PTVAL classroom work


2nd Presentation – Carmen Gómez’s students 1º Bto A y B Kahoot Nutrition Habits for Erasmus+ “Smart Wellness”

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