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Students from Zakladní Skola Pacov made this presentation for Erasmus+ Smart Wellness strategic partnership

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                                                   Click on the picture to watch the presentation Czech students made about special diets:


         Set the table for our cooking     

On Thursday, March 28, the first part of the activity “Set the table for our cooking” took place at Zakladní Skola Pacov. Together, the children tried baking pancakes. Anyone who wanted, could try working with a hand electric beater, breaking eggs, measuring and adding ingredients, pouring dough into a pan and turning pancakes. The children found that turning pancakes was not so easy. On Wednesday, April 3, the second part of the activity  “Set the table for our cooking” took place. The children created two spreads with eggs and sardines. The children grated, sliced, spread and mixed various ingredients. They cut the rolls and toasted the toast bread in the toaster. When the children mixed the spreads, they spread them on the  rolls and toasts and tasted. Their  spreads were very tasty.








Little entrepreneurs from Zakladní Skola Pacov

The pupils devised their business plan. They made a lot of products and baked the cookies at school. Then they sold them at  the market.