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We are very happy to inform about the accomplishment of our App of Local restaurants of Córdoba, which include options for special dietary needs.
It has been a very hard work of two school years in which we have included 60 restaurants from our city. The app is divided into six categories: 
low calorie, vegetarian, gluten free, Mediterranean, Halal and Sephardic. 
With this app, we hope more people in our touristic city will be able to choose their own personal dietary option with less difficulties. 
The 60 restaurants have been visited more than once and many other have been excluded for not fitting our needs. Students, families and staff have taken part in the choices and the visits. Many students in the 4th year of compulsory education working with our Maths teacher Mr Antonio Ruiz Murcia, have learnt to use App Inventor to include the data for the App.
During the final meeting in May 2019, students from our partner school in the Czech Republic took part in a cooperative breakout. The challenging activity used the data within our app which permitted them to find the clues that led them to open the lockpad for their box. They really enjoyed the activity!
This is offered in English, Spanish and Czech.
Our partner school in the Czech Republic has finished their app of healthy restaurants as well!
This is a link to download in your smartphone the app.
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