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On May 20th 2019, IES Blas Infante celebrated the second day of our Scientific Women Fair with which we concluded the activities of our Erasmus + “Smart Wellness” European project.

The project to promote scientific vocations for our female students began in the 2018-19 academic year with an interactive exhibition and a series of lectures on the subject. In April 2018, this project was awarded the European STEM Discovery Week award granted by Scientix, the Community for Science Education in Europe.

This school year a total of 20 groups of the ESO, FPB1, FPB2, Autism Specific Classroom and PTVAL have been working on this project since January 2019. Each group has "adopted" a scientist to know about her and disseminate her. Finally they have created numerous high quality products where they have squandered enthusiasm and good teamwork.

All the groups have set up a stand for our fair of surprising excellence and imagination, they have made explanations to the visitors with enthusiasm and they have transmitted all the knowledge learned about the women's figures that have been relegated by history. They have displayed an incredible wit by transforming the research, discoveries or inventions of their scientists into games, riddles, challenges, presentations and computer applications that have been of the interest to all. They have prepared gifts for weeks to publicize their favorite woman as brand pages, badges, flowers, plants, anything that allows us to remember these hidden figures.


In addition, they have prepared nine theatre performances on the work of women in Spanish and English, in which women have come to life with which we have been able to better understand the importance of their scientific work.

The work has been complemented with videos about favourite women, which have been done in groups and have been uploaded to the project website.

The Fair has been organized in two days to welcome more than 500 students, who in addition to promoting their scientist, have known about the rest of the women prepared by the other groups.

The students of 4th ESO and the 20 Czech participants who were in the final meeting of the Erasmus + project participated on May 13th. On May 20th, it was organized for the rest of the ESO, FPB and NNEAE student groups.

Each stand had two students representing the favourite woman and who were disguised as the woman and another character related to her.

The visitor groups were organized in groups of 10, with an identification card related to the scientist they had worked on. They were writing down the data that they were discovering when playing the games and challenges and they received advertising gifts.

Next, the theatre performances took place. There were four plays in each of the three sessions. Then, students joined groups to play an online game of Kahoot, which allowed them to interact, check what they understood and have a good time. Finally, they voted for their favourite scientist.


The winners of the videos, the games and the favourite woman were awarded different prizes.

From the coordination of the project, we wish that students learned and enjoyed the activity and that it served to arouse more scientific vocations especially among our female students.

Congratulations to all participating students and teachers.

Click on the photo to see the Google album with more photos of the activity of May 20, 2019

If you click on the photo of David representing Lisa Meitner, you can see photos of the day of May 13, 2019