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The third meeting of our Erasmus + KA219 project “Smart Wellness” took place from December 14 to 21, 2018 in Pacov, a town in the Czech Republic with 4823 inhabitants in the Vysočina region.

 On this occasion it was IES Blas Infante that has moved to Zakladni Skola Pacov to continue developing the objectives of our European project and complete a very successful language exchange and immersion programme for 30 students of 3rd ESO, 4th ESO and PTVAL and 4 staff members of Multilingualism and Special Needs programmes.

During the meeting, participants were able to enjoy a pre-Christmas and winter atmosphere with a very warm welcome.

The project meeting officially opened at the Pacov City Council with the welcome of the young mayor. The programme of the week was very varied and intense as well as very interesting and fruitful.

We have to highlight activities and workshops on the formal results of the project. Among other activities, we conducted a workshop on the App of special diets restaurants that we are developing in the two schools, another workshop on Women Scientists, where the exchange partners cooperated and reused the work done the previous school year hosted on the project website and the last activity in which they prepared healthy menus of the cuisine of both countries.

In addition, they competed in a basketball game, participated in games about European Christmas with Erasmus + volunteers, made Christmas decorations workshops, ate in restaurants of organic food and other dietary options, attended a magnificent Christmas concert, visited the groups of Special Needs and the newly opened Center for Early Childhood Education. Finally, we attended a big farewell party with host families.

We were able to make very interesting visits outside the Pacov such as Prague and those of Český Krumlov, Jindřichův Hradec, Pelhřimov and Tábor.

The work of the project will continue until the final meeting that will take place in May 2019, when 20 students from the Czech school of Pacov will visit Córdoba.

We want to thank all those responsible for organizing the meeting for the great effort they have shown to offer us the best of their culture in an admirable way. We have sweet and endearing memories for the good moments we have lived during an unrepeatable week. We want to highlight the attentive and friendly Czech exchange partners, their families who have taken care of our Spanish students as their own children, and especially a dedicated and devoted teaching staff that has made our stay a perfect and enjoyable work experience exchanging different ways of living but similar at the same time. These experiences give full meaning to the objectives of the Erasmus + programme that is funding the project and confirms the motto that we are "Changing lives, opening minds".


Inmaculada Gañán Cabezas, coordinator of the Erasmus + KA219 Project "Smart Wellness"

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