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Students introduced their healthy habits to other students in their school and in their partner school in the Erasmus+ Project. It was made during the first months of the project in 2017-18 schoolyear.

They worked in pairs to create a chart where they introduced habits related to eating and physical activity. Then they prepared questions to create Kahoot games which made them understand and know more about their mates in the Erasmus+ project.

Students create a chart in pairs giving information about themselves and their Wellness Habits. Older students can write a composition with these data. Younger or weaker students can include less information.

  • For this, open a document and keep it save in your USB device and send it to your email. Do not miss it!
  • Include a Photo of the pair.
  • This is an example with my Biology colleague Carmen and me when we were in the coordination meeting. 
  • Create a Kahoot in pairs so other students check how much they know about the other school and its students.
  • Add pictures and multiple choice questions.
  • Go to
  • Sign up and keep your username and password save.
  • One of the students does it and shares password with partner.
  • Save your kahoot each time you finish a question.
  • This is a model kahoot:
  1. What nationality is Carmen? She is Spanish/ Czech/ French/ British
  2. How old is Inma? She is 60/ 54/ 45/ 43
  3. How many brothers or sisters have Carmen got? She has got …
  4. How many daughters has Carmen got? She has got 1/ 0/ 2/ 3
  5. What is Inma’s favourite hobby? Dancing/ Swimming/ knitting/ doing crosswords
  6. Inma’s healthy eating habit? 5 meals a day/ varied diet/ loves legumes/ 5 pieces of fruit a day
  7. Carmen’s good fitness habit? Running/ walking to work/ cycling/ go to the gym
  8. Inma’s bad eating habits? Chocolate/ hamburgers/ pizza/ cakes
  9. Carmen’s wellness challenge? Exercise more/ lose some weight/ sleep longer/ drink more water
  10. Inma’s expectations for Erasmus+? To learn about healthy living/ to learn about scientific women/ to make her lessons more interesting/ to establish a long and successful partnership with Elementary School Pacov.                                                                                                                                                                                  This is a presentation of the students' work and kahoot games: Click on the picture to see it.